Qor.us (pronounced ‘chorus’) is the first messaging platform designed for the booming SMA market. A seamless portal that allows Doctor, Experts and Patients to communicate with one another outside of the SMA session. Adhering to the latest compliance and security requirements Qor.us provides efficient and cost saving communication to support the growth in SMAs.

Qor.us leverages the latest in online group technologies to provide an intuitive messaging platform for providers and patients. The system will utilize the latest in technology to provide platform security as well as a proprietary smart filtering technology to help warn users of sensitive information that may be group shared. This would allow patients to make certain they want to share that information with their group.

Qor.us is the front end for SMAs including functionality of scheduling, booking classes and even capturing payment / co-payment. Qor.us is designed to be a platform specific to SMAs with a future modular design. SMAs for diabetes for example could include journaling or other metric capturing to aid the coach or clinician with additional information.

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